The 8 job skills that put you in demand now

In the past few months, the impact of coronavirus has been unrelenting and employers have been re-thinking what they are looking for when hiring new employees. Our consultants have put together a list of the most highly sought-after skills today. Cultivating these job skills will help you stay on top of the curve in this new world we’re now facing:





Being adaptable means working without a fixed set of boundaries and being able to find a diverse range of solutions to challenges faced. Life sends us through a series of unexpected events, and employers are looking for people who can embrace the changes that come with it. This includes how you react and respond to these changes.

The ability to accept different perspectives and circumstances is a skill and in this coronavirus pandemic we’re facing, openness to accept flexible changes such as different work arrangements is greatly valued when hiring an employee.

For example, being able to work from home autonomously may sound simple, but it requires someone to be flexible in changing their work environment and adapting accordingly with discipline.



Good attitude


Something that seems so generic can show a lot. A good attitude isn’t just thinking happy thoughts and being pleasant. It goes deeper than that.

It is a state of mind that allows you to think of things with a broader perspective, and look at life as one full of possibilities with enthusiasm. The good news is, a positive outlook is something you can acclimate yourself to.

Try surrounding yourself with positive people and positive environments. Connecting with positive people opens your eyes, creating a ripple effect on how you see things around you. Instead of staying indoors all the time, take regular breaks such as going for a walk in your local park.

Soon, you’ll start to see this as a healthy way to get a breather, coming back to your work or personal life more refreshed, positive and optimistic than before.

Positivity can come from you too.

In a study Journal of Happiness Studies, it was found that acts of kindness make you want to do it again, creating a positive loop of generosity and happiness.

Having a positive attitude shouldn’t have to cost you much time or money. It’s about creating a healthy environment for yourself paired with healthy habits that make you look forward to each day.



Great communication skills


No matter the industry or role, effective communication will get you hired, will make a world of a difference between you and someone else in landing promotions, and overall success in your career.

A great communicator can relay thoughts clearly and concisely across all levels.

Are you engaging? Even better. But that’s not it.

Knowing when to listen, having confidence, empathy, respect and being able to give and accept feedback appropriately are important communication skills as well.

See this free 55 minutes course on How to speak to anyone & be fearless.

All this can be demonstrated even through a voice or video call, which brings us to our next point…



The ability to use video links


Yes, you read that right.

Not knowing how to use a video link, especially in time for a scheduled meeting, can show a lot about a person. It could mean you aren’t tech-savvy or well-prepared, or simply couldn’t care less.

Take some time to test the link and if all else fails, don’t be afraid to ask for help – you can get in touch with any of our consultants.



Your skills, capabilities & experience


Our consultants have seen an increased emphasis on employers matching a candidate’s experience to the role. These hard skills are either acquired through education, training programs or past on-the-job training and successes.

Although great communication skills are important to have, employers are still looking for someone who has the skills, capabilities and experience to produce quality work autonomously.

Employers seek applicants who can demonstrate a fantastic blend of both soft and hard skills as this means you’re more likely to be able to add value to the organisation and adapt to changes.



Knowledge of company


Now more than ever, there isn’t an excuse to be unfamiliar with the company you are applying for. Familiarise yourself with what they do, their values, projects, culture, the team and so on – all of which are on the company’s website and a quick google search away.



Similar values


Bringing someone to join the company or team naturally changes the dynamics of a group.

Apart from finding out whether you know much about the company, it’s becoming increasingly important to onboard someone who shares similar values as the team. This does not mean having the same mindset and ideas, but rather a strong value system and work ethics that are in line with the company and team.

After all, you’ll likely be hired with the view of becoming a long-term asset to the company.

At the same time, it’s important that you are happy in your new workplace and this largely stems from sharing similar values as your co-workers and company.



Not so much a skill but thought we’d throw this in – Location


Living not too far from the office means that you spend far less time commuting, and therefore have more time to rest. The more rest you get, the more productive you are. It’s that simple, really.

With a view to return to the office when the situation improves, employers understand that going back to the office may be a struggle to some and will require significant adjustments.


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