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International Women’s Day with Luisa Panuccio

Every single person deserves to feel physically and mentally safe at work. I know from personal experience that this is not the case for women …

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7 Years in Recruitment

Team Feature: 7 Life-Changing Lessons in Recruitment

There can be so much negative stigma and discourse around recruitment in this landscape. Some recruiters are “magpies”, or “sales-y”, or “money-hungry”, and tend to …

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Wonderful Women in STEM: 4 Questions for Trang Pham

“You can’t be what you can’t see, so if I can represent not only women, but also people of colour in engineering, and speak up …

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Mathanki Aru

Wonderful Women in STEM: Meet Mathanki Aru

“Over time, no matter what comes my way, I still stay positive, because I have my own back.” With over 1.2 million Australians in the …

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Women in STEM Luisa Panuccio

Wonderful Women in STEM: Meet Luisa Panuccio

“What I’ve been trying to do is change the stereotype around what women in STEM look like.” According to an article published by Engineers Australia, …

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Wonderful Women in STEM: Meet Natalie Ambroso

“We need to get more women into leadership positions. I can guarantee you that there are plenty of women who are qualified and appropriate for …

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Our Top 5 Best Resources for STEM Graduates

It’s finally here! All those years of tireless work, sleepless nights, and meeting deadlines is all about to come to an end. You’re finally getting …

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Celebrating INWED with Aptus

International Women in Engineering Day is a global awareness campaign to raise the profile of women in engineering and highlight amazing career opportunities available to …

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happy woman stress free

Productivity: 5 Practical Ways to Fight Stress and Burnout and Be Happy

Many of us find ourselves juggling a variety of responsibilities with the line between work and life becoming increasingly blurred. In fact, we get so …

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team 11th

#10yearsofaptus: 10 valuable lessons we learned this past year

We celebrated our 10th anniversary on 15 March 2020, after Covid-19 hit hard and not long before we went into the first lockdown in Victoria. …

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female engineers in history - edith clarke

9 Female Engineers That Made—And Are Making!—History

Happy Women’s History Month, everyone! It has been 44 years since the United Nations officially recognised March 8 as International Women’s Day—and more than a …

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team of happy employees: employee retention

Employee Retention: 6 Best Ways to Keep Top Talent Longer

The pandemic we’ve been through in the past year was not something that we were prepared for. Unfortunately, we were not unscathed. In September 2020, …

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