Tattoos in the workplace


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Tattoos are very popular nowadays with men and women getting a full sleeve, thigh, chest or back covered in ink. This raises a lot of questions regarding how employers view the appropriateness of tattoos being exposed either within the business or when people are in client facing roles.

At Aptus we don’t typically wear a suit and tie to work unless we feel it’s appropriate when visiting a client or attending an event which requires certain attire. We pride ourselves on being welcoming of a person’s background, culture and lifestyle provided they adhere to our work ethic, values and are onboard with our vision as a business and culture. I’m not sure all businesses are of the same view so we are interested to understand how employers in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset view tattoos in the workplace.

The survey we are conducting will initially be within our accounting & finance business unit so we are only surveying people within an accounting and/or finance function of either accountancy practices or enterprises which employ people within those functions.

The survey is now live so please go here to complete the short 8 questions and feel free to pass it on.

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I’ll be running this very soon so if you would like to join me in discussing how you can best source and attract talent to your business please get in contact ASAP.

Thanks to Dan Pritchard, Marc Astley & Susanna Ward for inviting me to their business breakfast this morning. We discussed how we can use disruption to our advantage and the people who attended gave some interesting insights on the topic. Such a great morning to be sharing business ideas and philosophies with like minded people. Great initiative from the guys at Astley Media.