Story time: Carrying a powerful advice for 23 years

Once a year, we have the opportunity to start over and do things better than we did the year before. As we enter a new decade, most people are excited to craft their New Year resolutions – some more ambitious than others.

With a slightly different approach and mindset, Tom Murphy is an advocate for setting targets, goals and looking forward.

Let’s take us back to when Tom was just 20 years old.

Tom was sitting at his friend’s bar one night next to a successful entrepreneur in his mid-50s. He shared something that stuck – Tom, in your 20s, you work out what you want to do. In your 30s, you make it happen. In your 40s, you reap the rewards.

Tom lived by that advice and never looked back. He bought his first investment property within several months of having that conversation.

However at that time, his advice was taken as a reference to financial security and business success. Nothing more. Now in his 40s, Tom finally understands what he meant. It was about what kind of person Tom was going to become, what he was going to do and figuring out what makes him happy.

We can’t deny that in this world we live in, success and wealth may happen instantly. Sometimes even overnight. One thing we do have to understand is that maturity and life experience does not. It takes time.

Tom made plenty of mistakes in his 30s but is now reaping the rewards. He now knows what makes him happy, what makes him tick, and most importantly his purpose. Looking back, Tom realised he had no idea what he was doing and what was coming up.

Tom’s key learnings before this decade comes to an end are:

  • Be grateful
  • Set targets, set goals, and smash it
  • Don’t rush life

Soon enough you will reap the benefits of maturity and life experiences gained over the years.

You can watch Tom’s video here.

Have a wonderful holiday!