Stand up Ian Willett

Ian joined Aptus in Melbourne in April 2013. He joined us with five years of recruitment experience in the UK, predominantly in the rail sector.

Back then, Ian worked in our Energy & resources team, focussing on the transmission and distribution sectors; however, after a year he decided to return to his first love, infrastructure, and the built environment. In 2014 Ian took over one of our more established areas in civil land development. He immediately made a success of this working with engineering consultants, surveyors, and planners. I’ve always likened Ian’s style of recruitment to my own. He’s very ambitious, not resting on the employers we had existing relationships with, he has continually grown our reach locally and nationally.

Over the past few years, Ian has grown from strength to strength as a consultant and a leader. Ian has been a focal point of our culture, the one person you can rely on to always be contributing to the fun in the office. He’s funny and likeable in every aspect of his day. If I had to sum up Ian in a few words, it would be ‘consistency, hard-working and funny’.


In 2019, in our 10th year of business, Lee McAndrews and I have decided to set the path for our next ten years. In doing this, we further realise my plans from the start, to have multiple people owning and running the company. I’ve always set out to promote leadership at all levels, and now we have an equity share scheme to reward those who lead and wear the badge with pride. In shaping our company behaviours, we live and work as a group of likeminded people, sharing success and happiness.

As a result of Ian’s continued development, hard work, and consistent high performance, we are so pleased to announce his promotion to Associate Director – Civil Manager. Additional to this promotion, over the coming nine months, we will be transitioning Ian into a position as an equity partner.

Welcome to the leadership team Ian, our future is in good hands with yourself at the wheel. Please join me in congratulating Ian on his achievements so far and an exciting path ahead.