Architecture, Planning & Design​

The Industry

Recruitment for architectural and planning disciplines can be highly competitive. Aptus aims to give you the edge when it comes to finding the best. In other words, the individuals with the experience and personal qualities that match your precise project and business needs.

Our Melbourne-based team is experienced in recruiting a wide range of design, planning and architecture roles. Our extensive sector knowledge helps to find the best people, including executive search and direct market approaches.

Our consultants specialise in specific disciplines. This saves time and produces a more thorough brief for each role. We aim to find the right people, not just for your project, but for the future of your business.

Candidates are also thoroughly screened. You get a detailed appraisal of how well they match your needs to help you make better decisions in less time.

We also keep a database of skilled professionals looking for new roles in architecture, planning and design. We may already know just the person you need.

Our Melbourne-based team is experienced in recruiting for a wide range of engineering and technical disciplines involved in developing natural and built assets. We work across building structures and services, civil engineering and design. And our in-depth sector experience keeps us in tune with changing needs and industry developments.

All of our consultants are specialists. They focus exclusively on specific built environment disciplines so we can easily understand your needs and help to develop your brief.

We look beyond technical skills, to discover what you hope to achieve in your business and what your clients expect. We then have a more rounded profile of the people who will best fit your priorities and culture. We also screen candidates thoroughly and give you a detailed assessment of how well they match your needs.

Whether you need permanent, temporary or contract staff, our rigorous approach to recruitment will help you find the best. We also maintain an active job-seekers’ list – so we may already know just the person you need.


Building Structures:
Structural Engineers (Graduate to Director)
BIM Managers
Structural Drafters (Revit, AutoCAD, All Levels)

Building Services:
Mechanical, Electrical
Hydraulic, Fire, ESD
Specialists – ICT, Acoustic, Lighting, AV
Engineers (Graduate to Director)
BIM Managers
Drafters (Revit AutoCAD, All Levels)

Civil Engineering (Land Development & Infrastructure):
Civil Engineers (Graduate to Director)
Civil Designers (All Levels)
Civil Drafters (All Levels)

Recruitment Services:
Managed Service / On Site Project Solutions
Executive Search & Direct Approach to Market
Permanent Recruitment
Contract Recruitment
Payroll Services