Outplacement services for talent

What is Outplacement?

Outplacement is a support service provided by Aptus to help people who have been affected by redundancies, restructures or downsizing. We know that the market is fast-moving which means change is frequent and the market is continually evolving. No-one needs to be left on their own when we are facing challenging times.

Our Services

We offer extensive accessible outplacement services to support you through your career transformation. We know finding a new job can be daunting and are here to help navigate workforce challenges.

Our consultants understand the Melbourne market, industry growth projections and can provide support to recognise fitting opportunities, new career pathways and possible prospects for the future.

What you can expect

  • How to plan your job-seeking approach
  • What roles you should apply for
  • How to explore the employment market using social media and how to build your personal brand
  • How to create your cover letter to a particular position
  • How to create a stand-out CV with insider knowledge on employer & recruiters look for
  • What information is crucial to your CV
  • How to prepare for a successful interview and how to avoid common mistakes
  • How to predict what type of interview questions you will be asked using a position description and/or job advertisement
  • What varieties of questions should you ask in an interview?
  • What to bring to an interview?
  • How to perform at an interview