Our Top 5 Best Resources for STEM Graduates

It’s finally here! All those years of tireless work, sleepless nights, and meeting deadlines is all about to come to an end.

You’re finally getting down to the nitty-gritty of your degree, and you’re probably feeling overwhelmed by thoughts of exams, graduation, and the inevitable search for post-grad work. With STEM being one of the most competitive industries to find footing in, there’s plenty of resources out there, but not as many tailored to graduates. 

Here at Aptus, we find the perfect roles for the best and the brightest across the Built Environment landscape. We understand the pressures of disembarking from from the rollercoaster of higher education, and trying to make a seamless transition into the workforce. We get that employers often require years of experience that graduates simply haven’t yet acquired.

That’s why we’ve taken the time to speak to actual STEM graduates just like yourself, and collate the best resources out there to help ease you into the industry. 

Here are our five top resources to help boost your confidence, refine your skillset, and kick-start your post-grad job hunt:

1. Aptus Academy

Not to toot our own horns, but we’ve developed a 100% free online course, carefully crafted by experts to help the graduates of today and tomorrow jumpstart their Construction & Engineering job search journey. 

From quick, practical LinkedIn profile tips to step-by-step guides to sourcing and applying for Graduate roles, learn everything you need to know about securing your first Graduate Construction or Engineering role.

Essentially it’s the Graduate Engineer program that you wish you had, but never did.

At least until now.

The best part? Aptus Academy is a completely free, certified resource, supported by huge industry names such as Pitt&Sherry, Intrax, Northrop, and Winslow. 

Cost: 100% free!

2. Constructionarium Australia

Turn your theory into practice!

Constructionarium Australia was initially established as a not-for-profit organisation that builds upon a hugely successful concept that has been running for over a decade in the UK, where over 1000 students participate each year from a range of different universities.

Constructionarium provides a safe environment for new engineers to develop team working skills, problem solving capabilities, and gain hands-on experience building a replica of a larger structure.

This provides an exceptional opportunity for young professionals to develop practical project development, leadership and team skills.

Typically students of the programme work as a team and together learn to plan, tender, build and handover a scale project – a challenge – that resembles an iconic civil engineering feat – bridge, building, tower or other structure.

Finally foster the skills you’ve spent years learning at university in a real-life experience which looks great on a CV!

Cost: Free for undergrads and postgrads

3. Young Engineers Australia

Join a community of young graduate engineers just like yourself, and supported by Engineers Australia Staff.

Young Engineers Australia offers a program called Mentor Match, which helps graduates build the relationships that will see them through their career and learn new skills to get ahead.

Mentored by Engineer’s Australia’s senior Chartered engineers, this is is a structured six-month program exclusively for graduate members. This unique online networking and career development tool helps you find, connect and share experiences with others. Get insider advice and build long-term relationships with the experts themselves.

YEA is a central hub for job searching, mentoring, events, and learning resources to help you find your people, and your next role in the industry. 

Cost: $563

4. CSIRO Education

CSIRO offers a huge range of STEM programs, ranging all the way from primary education through to postgrad opportunities. They focus on inclusivity, and offer specific programs dedicated to seeing young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women enter the STEM field.

With postgraduate studentships, CSIRO help you up your research ante by partnering with them to complete your postgraduate studies and work alongside Australia’s leading researchers in first-class facilities.

Moreover, they offer free virtual events and workshops to help expand your knowledge, and meet industry experts.

Cost: Free!

5. LinkedIn

While it may seem like a no-brainer, LinkedIn is a really powerful resource to aid in your post-university-pre-industry transition. 

Not only can you build connections with STEM professionals, network with your dream employers, and stay-up-to-date with the latest jobs on offer, but you can also keep up with pertinent industry news and major projects as they happen. You have first-hand access to likeminded people, and potential employers, too!

We also cover the basics of updating your LinkedIn profile to best appeal to recruiters in our Aptus Academy course!

Cost: Free to sign up, with Premium starting at $39.99/month.