Our Top 10 LinkedIn Profile Tips

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You’re probably on LinkedIn – that’s great! But is your profile engaging and optimised? Open your LinkedIn profile in a new tab and go through the list making your changes step by step. Here are our top 10 LinkedIn profile tips that our consultants also look out for:



Be contactable


If you are job seeking and have turned on ‘Open to Opportunities’, always respond to incoming messages even if that’s not a role you’re interested in at this time.

A bonus? Include your best contact number in the summary so hiring managers and recruiters can give you a quick call.



Put a face to your name


Everyone wants to see the person behind a name. Upload a recent high-resolution image of yourself (no pets, please!) that best reflects your personal brand, and smile!

Avoid distracting backgrounds and make sure your face takes up at least 60% of the frame.

See more tips on taking a good LinkedIn headshot.



Write an eye-catching headline


This is your best opportunity to get the attention of hiring managers and recruiters. Highlight what you can bring to the table rather than just stating your professional title.

Learn more about writing your own eye-catching headline.



Elaborate on past experiences


Provide sufficient, easy-to-digest past experiences to showcase what value you can bring to the company.

If you have undertaken projects, make sure to list them as this often shows exactly you’ve worked on.



Stick to the facts


Do not write false or misleading statements or job titles!

If not now, this will show later in the interview stages.



Inject your personality


Write in first person, and have a ‘conversation’ with the person visiting your profile. People want to know you, not just have an idea of you.



Add skills


Including job or industry-specific skills that you have acquired will certainly help your profile show up for more relevant roles.



Add a ‘current job’ even if you are unemployed


Add the job title you are searching for i.e. Structural Engineer as a current job, and follow this by typing “In Transition” or “Seeking Opportunities” as the Company Name. This helps some hiring managers and recruiters find you more easily as well.

Here’s how.



The little things can make a big difference


Broaden your location – put the closest large city i.e. Melbourne, not St Kilda. Add a relevant industry. These little things can help you be found more easily.



Highlight certifications sparingly


If you have multiple certifications and want to highlight them in your headline, just pick the most relevant one and include the rest in your summary. As the saying goes, “If everything is a priority, then nothing is a priority.”


Take these 10 LinkedIn profile tips to start being more searchable and stand out from the crowd. Let’s get crackin’!


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