Murphy’s Law

Vlog 3: Talent is overrated: Applying high performance development methods in the workplace

In my first two blogs on this topic we raised the question does innate talent exist.

We then discussed how we can apply methods of high performance development regardless of our level of talent. Some people believe we are either born with talent or we aren’t, and unfortunately this commonly leads to the believe if we aren’t born with the talent, why bother pushing for anything more than average performance. This 3 part series is aimed to change this perception as I never want to accept I’m incapable of furthering myself and nor should you.

Vlog 1: Talent is overrated: Introducing the theory

Does innate talent exist or are we a product of our environment? The debate about nature vs nurture continues however this time I’d like to debate this about how we perform in business. I believe most of us have been told and possibly agree with the theory we are either born with a certain talent or not however is this theory true? I recently read a book called ‘Talent is overrated’, by author Geoff Colvin which challenges this theory and clearly states there is no scientific evidence to prove innate talent exists. After reading this book I’m still unsure if don’t believe innate talent exists however I agree until it’s proven we should discuss the results of studies which prove certain methods do exist to develop an average performer into a high performer.