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Children working on STEM activity

5 Simple Ways You Can Encourage STEM Discovery at Home

Inspiring our next generation of innovators to explore engineering through fun and education. We have 10 interactive ChriSTEMas kits up for grabs. I Want to ...
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overcoming job loss

How to Navigate Job Loss and Bounce Back Quickly

The global pandemic has led to the unemployment of nearly a million Australians, and possibly more. Losing your job can feel like a long and ...
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5 Reference Request Best Practices

You’ve found the perfect job, tailored your application and did fantastic in the interviews. All that’s left is passing your reference check and we all ...
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career development meeting

5 Career Development Tips

Wherever you are in your journey, you may have given some thought about your career development. In fact, there’s no better time than now. Explore ...
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man infront of laptop

Our Top 10 LinkedIn Profile Tips

You’re probably on LinkedIn – that’s great! But is your profile engaging and optimised? Open your LinkedIn profile in a new tab and go through the ...
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How to form new habits that stick in 5 steps

Finding it hard to make new habits stick? “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Will ...
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The 8 job skills that put you in demand now

In the past few months, the impact of coronavirus has been unrelenting and employers have been re-thinking what they are looking for when hiring new ...
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What will the return to work look like?

It has been a curious time, to say the least. Still, it has been an excellent time to have a different type of interaction and ...
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5 Best Practices for Onboarding Remote Employees

Many companies are redefining what it means to work remotely, with over 68% of Australian employers allowing their employees flexible work from home arrangements. This ...
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Female Engineers continue to challenge the status quo in the Built Environment

Society is slowly shifting away from the patriarchal mindset where “males only” are capable of certain types of jobs. We are now seeing an influx ...
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Story time: Carrying a powerful advice for 23 years

Once a year, we have the opportunity to start over and do things better than we did the year before. As we enter a new decade, ...
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How we survived a 3-day internet outage

Think the unthinkable Over 3 days the last week, Aptus faced internet connectivity issues at our Southbank office in Melbourne. To make things worse, tethering ...
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